A gentle and non-invasive ancient form of healing.


Reiki is a gentle and non - invasive of physical and emotional healing, which was developed in 1922by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.  It uses a technique commonly called palm healing and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. 

During the Reiki treatment I will channel the energy (‘Ki’) by placing my hands on your body.  The energy goes to where your body needs.  There is no need to get undressed.  I will give special attention to your chakras, which are specific areas on your body where your main energy centers are.  

Most people experience a wonderful feeling of well-being and peace, and may also feel warm or tingling sensations as the energy flows into them.  Some people see coloured lights, feel like they are floating or can feel heaviness or pressures; however some people may not experience anything, may fall asleep, or find pleasant memories emerge.  You may also notice an increase of blood flow ‘a rosy glow’ to your skin.

Reiki can work alone, or in conjunction with other therapies such as massage or reflexology.  It also complements conventional medicine by accelerating recovery following illness.  Animals can also respond very positively to treatments.  When you experience a treatment, your own natural healing ability is also enhanced.


The Benefits

Reiki treatments can help with:  back problems, low energy levels, emotional problems, physical ailments, life challenges, stress management, coping with changes, fatigue syndromes, and high blood pressure.